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Holland Votaw

Holland Votaw ’22

Station Manager
Major: Philosophy
Hometown: Washington DC

Holland be flossin. 😉

Kyle Gilbert

Kyle Gilbert ’22

Programming Director
Major: History
Hometown: Fort Wayne

Kyle appears back this term on the board sporting no mustache (gasp) and no swagger (bigger gasp). Shocking as it may be, Kyle remains focused on chasing the goal. What is that goal you may ask? His goal is make sure every DJ follows the rules and regulations of the station. Kyle will stop at nothing to make sure the FCC can rest easy, and maybe he can as well. Outside of the station, you may never find Kyle.

Lauren Witmer

Lauren Witmer ’23

Record Libe Manager
Major: undeclared
Hometown: Los Angeles

Lauren loves tea and peanut butter cookies, stepping on crunchy leaves, and singing off-key. She stops the microwave on one second and she reads a lot (with music). She’s from The Valley, but she’s not a valley girl. When she listens to music, she focuses on the lyrics of songs.

Sophie Rogers

Sophie Rogers ’21

Communications Director
Major: Studio Art
Hometown: Woodstock, Illinois

Sophie is a proud manager of the largest college-radio-station collection of vinyl in the country. On the side she also manages her own (sadly unofficial) world’s-largest collections of thrifted items and identity crises. In her free time—and sometimes while studying—she enjoys doing art, hosting dinner parties and jamin’ to sick beats with Hoemade! Carleton’s premiere girl band

Martha Sudderth

Martha Sudderth ’21

Promotions Director
Major: Studio Art
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Martha is a Senior studio art major from Fort Worth, Texas. She likes the Simpsons, ceramic vessels, and powerful feminine energy. Ask her about the MBTI and good country music.

Nicole Collins

Nicole Collins ’22

Music Director
Major: History
Hometown: Brookline, Mass.

Holland be flossin. 😉

Angelina Pius

Angelina Pius ’23

Music Director
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Lexington, KY

Angelina loves long walks on the beach and testing the limits of her spice tolerance.

Sarah Westrich

Sarah Westrich ’22

Content Director
Major: Cinema and Media Studies
Hometown: Hastings on Hudson, NY

Sarah is a sophomore who enjoys filmmaking, photography, memorizing world capitals, and using words like “groovy” and “snazzy” frequently and proudly. Outside of KRLX, she is a tour guide, a member of the Model UN team, and a student photographer and videographer for Carleton College Communications. Aside from CAMS, Sarah is interested in literally every other academic subject.

Felipe Jimenez ’21

Content Director
Major: English
Hometown: Rochester

Felipe is a member of the Carleton community that enjoys above all else having good times with good people. This can be done in many ways such as sledding, jamming out with music, trekking through the Arb, or maybe even food competitions. Felipe is a part of the Carleton Orchestra in which he plays cello and of the a Capella group Intertwining Melodies. He is also an editor for the Carletonian and has a very strong interest in film + literature + sometimes video games. He is a Minnesotan guy from Rochester.

Edward LeMaster

Edward LeMaster ’21

Business Manager
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Nashville

Hi, I’m Eddie! I am the current business manager for KRLX! I love playing music in the studio, going to concerts, and reading music articles/magazines! I currently have a show with Mika and Chloe called Biscuits N’ Jam. It is a lovely one hour show one Mondays from 7-8pm.

Xander Idrogo

Xander Idrogo ’21

RF Engineer
Major: Chemistry, Minors: Biochemistry and Music
Hometown: Edina, MN

Xander is a person. He likes to meet new people and make friends. Xander is interested in music, skiing, wrestling, marine invertebrates, and much more.

Vicente Bobadilla Riquelme

Vicente Bobadilla Riquelme ’22

RF Engineer
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: DC

Vicente was born in Chile but has spent most of his life in Japan. He’s really into motorcycles and regrets selling his bike in Japan greatly. For all the time he’s been in Japan, his Japanese should be better but at least he’s found and met a couple indie cool artists from there.

Kristin Albright

Kristin Albright ’22

IT Engineer
Major: Computer Science, Linguistics
Hometown: Los Altos

Kristin Albright is a self-proclaimed “Silicon Valley Girl” who drinks too much chocolate milk and not enough coffee. She loves bread (making it and eating it), Parks and Recreation, Queen, her dogs, and the Oxford Comma.

Oliver Calder

Oliver Calder ’22

IT Engineer
Major: Mathematics, Computer Science
Hometown: Minnetonka

Oliver is a classical musician with a passion for Romantic era composers such as Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Dvorak. He is a clarinetist and pianist, and plays in the Carleton orchestra in addition to several chamber music groups. Outside of music, Oliver is very interested in mathematics, computer science, and linguistics.