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Eight Days a Week: Thursday

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Thursday invites a mix of songs grounded in memory of the past or anticipation for the future. Many of the song lyrics profess a certain vulnerability. Mitski’s “Thursday Girl” and Jess Glynne’s “Thursday” both open up to listeners. The lyrics center around identity and a desire to break from conformity going forward. There are songs looking back on love such as “Thursday” by Peach pit, “Jersey Thursday” by Donovan, and “Thursday” by Asobi Seksu. There are also songs that premeditate a relationship. GOT7’s “THURSDAY” and EXO-CBX’s “Thursday”, both extremely popular K-pop bands, profess similar sentiments, the former (translated to English) professes, “I’m anxious every day because of you / The slow-moving time is too much” and the latter (translated to English) goes, “My feelings I’ve held back / That I’d controlled well, overflow just like this.
My favorite Thursday song is “Thursday in the Danger Room (Feat. Kamasi Washington)” by Run the Jewels. The song is an extremely personal work about the death of two friends, one at the hands of an illness and one who was murdered. Run the Jewels raps over a steady, intense techno beat about mortality and injustice. Famous jazz musician, Kamasi Washington, plays saxophone over the lyrics, “And I guess I say you left too soon (you left too soon) / But the truth is that you never left (you never left) / ‘Cause I never let myself forget (myself forget)”. 
I find it difficult to generalize about this group of unique songs but from what I’ve heard, Thursday is a day for vision. This could be someone looking at themselves in the present and revealing true feelings, looking forward to a new relationship or looking back on painful events in one’s past. Interestingly, almost all of these songs share a driving and steady rhythm, and a more chill, less variant, tone. Thursday is a day to evaluate where you came from, where you are, and where you’re going.

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